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Expat Coaching in France

Paris Playground. Consulting company Paris specialising in life coaching for individuals, corporate executives and team coaching in Paris.

Expat Coaching in General

Moving Away or Coming Home. Expat coach blog by Karma Kitaj who runs Life Spring Coaching.
Retirement As You Want It. Resources for Baby Boomers who want to embrace new experiences in the next step of their lives. By Karma Kitaj who runs Life Spring Coaching.
Life Spring Coaching. Karma Kitaj works with expats and repats to create a fulfilling adventure suited to the client's desires and aptitudes.

France: Relocation, Administrative Assistance

Relocation is a niche trade consisting of accompanying and assisting an individual, one or more employees or a company in moving from one country to another. They advise, manage, organise, coordinate, assist and support. Services may include various tasks, depending on the competence and service offering of each relocation company. Some relocation companies target particular regions of France, while others provide remote service anywhere in France. Some relocation companies large companies, others small companies and individuals.

Relocation services may include one or more of the following tasks when moving to France and/or while living in France:

  • House hunting and other assistance buying or renting real estate in France
  • Assistance with planning moving to France
  • Assistance with immigration, visa, residence permit, work permit
  • Assistance finding work in France
  • Assistance with self-employment in France or setting up a business in France *
  • Assistance with car import and registration, driving licence *
  • Internet and telephone connection assistance *
  • Assistance with utilities (electricity, gas, water) *
  • Insurance and banking assistance *
  • Assistance with health care *
  • Assistance with family allowances, housing allowances and other social benefits and allowances *
  • Tax planning and advice, assistance filling out your tax return *
  • Legal advice
  • Assistance accomplishing other administrative formalities *
  • Assistance finding schools and day care centres
  • Assistance finding domestic services 
  • Assistance helping the family to adapt to France
  • Assistance finding French lessons
  • Translation *
  • Informing about living and working in France *
  • Ongoing support while living and working in France *

A total relocation package would cover everything needed to function in the new country.

It is important to target a relocation company adapted to your particular needs. A corporate relocation often requires a wide range of skills only available in larger relocation companies, whereas smaller companies and individuals may find that a one-man relocation company or other administrative assistance sometimes offers a less formal and perhaps less expensive service in the few areas needed.

Europe & France: Relocation Associations

EuRA - European Relocation Association
SNPRM - French Association of Relocation and Mobility Professionals (Syndicat National des Professionnels de la Relocation et de la Mobilité)

France: Relocation Companies

The companies below can offer a more formal and traditional relocation service in France, including corporate relocation and more complicated tasks. The prices will in most cases reflect this.

ACB Sesame (Hérault (Montpellier), Gard (Nimes))
Alceis Global Nomads (Paris)
Altagroup International (Languedoc Roussillon)
Annecy Relocation (Annecy)
Azur Mobility (Provence)
Azur Plus (Riviera / Côte d'Azur)
BC Relocation (South West)
Be@Home (Bordeaux)
Bretagne Mobilité Conseil (Bretagne)
Bretagne Relocation (Bretagne)
Cosmopolitan Services
CSE Mobilité
Easy Lyon (Lyons)
Executive Relocations
Expat Relocation France
France Global Relocation
France Immigration
Good Morning Riviera (Riviera)
A Good Start in France
Helma International
HiConnect (Provence)
Home Conseil
Home Sweet Home (Lille)
Insitu-Relocation (Toulouse, Grenoble)
Intransit Executive Relocations
IsiParis (Paris)
Loiret Relocation (Loiret)
Lyon Move
Management Mobility (Paris)
Mobilité Internationale
Mosaic Mobility (Paris)
Mouvance 41 (Centre)
Moving to Montpellier (Montpellier)
MRI Relocation (Lyons)
Nook Relocation (Provence)
Nova Relocation
Paris Relocation Service (Paris)
PassNord (Lille)

Primacy (Paris)
Provence Relocation (Provence)
Provence Welcome Service (Provence)
Premium Relocation
Relocation EZ (Paris)
Relocation International France (Paris)
Relocation Mobilité Ouest - Est (Loire)
Relocation Service
Right Move (Paris)
S.C.O.T. (Strasbourg, Alsace)
Soleil d'intérieur (Lyons)
Sterling Relocation
Team Relocations
Via Humanis
Victoria Relocation (Lille)
Welcome to Monaco (Monaco, Riviera / Côte d'Azur)

Other Administrative Assistance in France

Prête-moi ta plume. Evelyne Gelin, experienced French freelance writer, writes your documents in French based on your explanation in English. Letters, CVs/resumes, speeches, leaflets, press releases, essays, dissertations, theses, websites ...

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