It is said the French are lazy, but they sell and buy used items of all sorts, from collectors' items to used household goods, and sometimes downright junk as never before. The French have taken online selling of used stuff to their hearts. Almost anything can be sold, even hi-fi equipment and other devices that don't work any more. If they can't be repaired, they can be used as spare parts. Just be realistic with the price. The good thing is that so long as you only sell your personal belongings that haven't been bought for the purpose of reselling for profit, then there is no requirement to declare your auction activities or revenues to anybody, and there is no tax or social security charges.

If you do sell, you probably want to optimise your postage costs, not least as some sites pay you a pre-determined amount for postage regardless of the actual cost. Read my page about French post so you don't miss out on the little-known secrets that can save you a lot of money when posting junk in France. The post office won't tell you.

Ads in France, France classifieds, Auction France,
Cars for sale in France

Expat contact sites, see Family, Personal, Schools, Holiday/Vacation.

Sell Your Car Cash

Getting rid of a car is sometimes a problem for expats moving away from a country. This site may be the solution.


Sell Car Spare Parts

La casse virtuelle

Get Rid of an Old Banger

Epave-expert removes your old wreck at no cost.

A Recycling Alternative to Selling:
Emmaus via Ateliers du bocage.

Recycle your Mobile (cell) Phone or Laptop

A handful of French sites purchase used mobile phones:

Magic Recycle
Planète Recycle
Vendre mon mobile

Sell your used flat-screen TVs, tablet & laptop computers, satnav (GPS), digital cameras, portable music devices, games consoles

Fnac stores buy back your stuff if it works. It doesn't have to have been purchased in a Fnac store.

RENT your Stuff

Zilok. RENT your stuff to others and earn money. For individuals and professionals.

Sell your stamps, coins, banknotes, and many other collectors' items

Delcampe. Multilingual site.

Sell your Gold

Sell your gold, old watches, jewellery, whether broken or not. Gold and silver rates are higher than ever, not least thanks to the financial crisis.

ESG - Edelmetall Service. German company, multilingual, that I recommend: when I compared rates in July 2012, this company paid significantly more than the French companies, even when taken into account that you have to pay for international post to Germany with insurance; the higher rate more than pays for the postage. They issued payment the same day they received the packet, and every microgram of gold had been counted. Beware that German post, in violation of the EU's universal postal service, does not accept valeur déclarée (insured postal items). If the value doesn't exceed €150, you can send items up to 2 kg as petit pacquet prioritaire international with the option recommandation internationale R2. Alternatively, you can insure up to €1500 in a colissimo international with the option of ad valorem insurance (but the conditions state that for any claims, an invoice must be provided to justify the value).
Cash contre or.
Cash vs gold.
Comptoir national de l'or -
Gold by gold.
Or à vendre.
Or en argent.
Cashgold. (Italy, multilingual)
Or postal.

Get Valuation on your Works of Art, Furniture, Jewellery & sell them


Sell used fashion clothes

Vide dressing

Other Classified Ad and Auction Sites

Priceminister. Sell your stuff and buy new and used goods. One of France's very successful sites. It has recently opened in the UK at

321auto. Car ads. Part of the Mixad network.
321moto. Bike ads. Part of the Mixad network.
Abebooks. Old, rare and used books.
Adoos. Free classifieds including housing and cars.
Amazon France.
Annonce-moto. Bike ads. Part of the Mixad network.
Annoncenet. Cars and various other ads. Part of the Mixad network.
Annoncer. Car adverts. New and second hand car price index.
Annonces de France. Free ads. All sorts of ads, including cars. Organised by region. Still very new, so yet few ads.
AnnoncesJaunes. Used car ads from the publisher of Pages Jaunes - the French Yellow Pages.
Argus. Car adverts. Official new and second hand car price index (payable). Important site. Good site. 
Aucland. Online auctions.
Auto-Evasion. Car ads. Owned by New and second hand car price index.
Autoplus. Online car magazine, new and second hand car price index and adverts.
Autoreflex. Second hand cars.
Le Bon Coin. Free classified ads.
La Centrale. Cars adverts. New and second hand car price index (free). Important site. Good site. Adverts for cars, property, jobs, IT/Telecoms equipment, and more, at most reasonable prices. Get your ad on several hundred sites.
Craigslist France. Free classifieds. In English and French.
. Online bids for the Gazette Druout auctions (see later).
E-bay France. Online auctions. Auctions, free ads etc. In French.
Evannonce. Everything.
Fiveauction. Real life car auctions.
Fnac. Free classified ads for expats in France, site in English.
Gazette Drouot. Auctions on site. Online bids via Drouotlive.
l'Internaute. Free classified ads. French site. Free classifieds for local communities in some French cities.
Lesannonces. Same as "Vosannonces"; see there.
Marchander. Free. Auctions, classic ads etc.
MixAd.'s site for classified car ads.
Net-annonces. Second hand cars and other used stuff. Free.
OLX. Free. All sorts of ads, including cars.
Onlycar. Second hand cars.
Particulier. Person to person. Everything.
ParuVendu. Various ads.
Petites-annonces (Galibot). Everything.
Les petites annonces gratuites. Advertise your stuff free.
Pleex. Distribute your small ads via bluetooth on mobile phones.
Speo. Car ads. Part of the Mixad network. Classifieds.
Trefle. Free classifieds.
Ventes-Domaniales. Public sector auctions of public goods no longer used and lost-and-found goods. Free classifieds for local communities in some French cities.
Voiture-occasion.madanight. Second hand cars.
Vosannonces. Free classified ads. French site. Free classified ads. Site in French.
Webcarcenter. Second hand cars.
Webmycar. Second hand cars.
Windil. Part of ParuVendu. Good site.
Yahoo France. Everything. Good site. 

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