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Before using information found on the web, you need to apply a reasonable amount of sound scepticism. Even government sites are not always complete or up to date. On the expat scene, some 'smart' people have found out that they can make a quick buck by copying articles from other sites, splash Google ads all over the place, and then self-promote these articles on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes, the copying is legal, if it is from shared sites, sometimes it is straightforward copyright infringement, when one or more pages from copyright protected websites are copied without permission. Sometimes, articles on shared sites are themselves infringing copyright, since the person who claims to be author and who put the article on the shared site simply copied a copyright protected page and edited it a bit. In any case, junk sites that mainly thrive on promoting copied articles, legally or not, are not knowingly mentioned here. If you come across any, you are welcome to tell me.

US Department of State: travel advice: France
British Foreign & Commonwealth Office: travel and living abroad advice: France
CIA World Factbook: France

In English about France

These sites either concern France as a whole or at least 2 different regions.

US Embassy in France. Guide for Americans written by the US Embassy in Paris. Very detailed.

About France. A wealth of information about France. Resource for Americans and other native English speakers that would like to travel or live in France. Forum. Written by Jeff Steiner.
Anglobuddy. Site to connect native English speakers in France with French wanting to practice English. The expat may optionally charge up to €20/hour for their time. New, humour and info for British expats in France. Online community for British expats in France.
CompleteFrance. Online community for British expats in France. Newspaper with key news affecting France and legal, financial and health updates to make life in France easier.
Creme de Languedoc. Despite the name, this site has advice that applies to France as a whole. Directory of expat blogs for France.
Expat Focus. Useful guide for France. Forum for expats in France. About Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain. Interviews with expats living in France. France info and guide for expats.
Fragranceoffrance Yahoo group.
the FranceForum. Online community for British expats in France. Magazine from the same editor as Livingfrance. Loads of information about France. Over 100 different free maps, large section on food culture, tax and legal information, etc. Everything from travel info to culture and practical info.
France This Way. About the challenges and realities of moving to France, either to retire or to setup in business. Information about property, holidays, living and regions. Forum, resources. Regional pages for Languedoc-Roussillon and Paris.
French Focus Forum. Informal discussions amongst expats and francophiles. Includes chat box for real time chat.
Just Landed. Useful guides about moving to France. Unfortunately, the quality of the information is sometimes questionable. Some information is misleading or directly incorrect. Double-check before relying on it. Magazine from the same editor as Francemag. Forum, classifieds and all the other expat stuff.
Survive France Network (SFN). Forum for expats in France. Lively and polite discussions where abuse isn't tolerated. One of the best expat forum sites for France.
The Local. French news in English. Free expat classifieds section, info...

Sites concerning only certain regions

Paris Region - Isle de France Association of American Wives of Europeans. Plenty of useful links.
DreamingofParisFrance Yahoo group.
Ex-pats-paris Yahoo group. Paris magazine for expats. Meet other expats in Paris.
Paris Voice Parisian magazine for expats.
Paris Times. Free Parisian monthly newspaper for expats. No website known. 76 rue Notre Dame des Champs, 75006 Paris. Tel.: 01 40 51 75 28.

Southern France News about southern France.

South West France, including Languedoc-Rousillon

DreamingofSWFrance Yahoo group. Articles, news, forum, directory, restaurant reviews, weather forecast, information and polls for expats living in Languedoc-Rousillon. "The Languedoc Page". Forum and info.
30: Autourdugard Yahoo group. For those living in the Gard and surrounding area, to keep abreast of local events, happenings and other things of interest.
30: Britsnimes. An English speaking association in the Nîmes area.
66: About Pyrénéés-Orientales.
81: Info, classifieds, forum...

South East France, including Provence and the Riviera (Côte d'Azur) AMB Côte d'Azur: Non-profit association that's an online guide and companion to the French Riviera and neighbouring regions. Personal accounts about towns, excursions, interviews, book reviews, recipes and much more.
DreamingofSEFrance Yahoo group. Information about Provence and the Riviera.
06: Nice-city-vacation. Insider's guide to Nice and the Riviera: Apartments, hotels, shopping, entertainment, general information on the Riviera.
06: Riviera radio on the web, and much more.
06: Riviera Reporter Riviera magazine in English. Forum and more.
83: Var Village Voice Monthly newsletter.

Central France

DreamingofCentralFrance Yahoo group.

Northern France
North West France, including Brittany (Bretagne), Normandy (Normandie)

DreamingofNWFrance Yahoo group.
Guide to Brittany. Site in English with expat and travel information about Brittany.

North East France, including Lille

DreamingofNEFrance Yahoo group.

In English for expats in general New, humour and info for British expats. Jo Parfitt and her concept for portable careers. Workshops and seminars. Hundreds of pages of inspiration, links and contacts. Jo regularly writes for the Weekly Telegraph. Worldwide embassy directory. Expat blogs. About Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain. British expat resource centre. Interviews with expats. Ads, resources, bulletin boards.
Expat section of the Daily The Weekly Telegraph.
Expatsradio. Web radio for expats worldwide. Newsletter of international living. International career advice. Books for the expatriate.
Just Landed. Useful multilingual guides about moving to a number of specific European countries.
Paguro Third Culture Kids world. Vast amount of articles about living abroad. I am a contributing writer for this site. The site focuses on Americans going abroad, but others will find most of the articles useful too.

En français sur la France

Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Intégration. Official site.

En français pour les expatriés en général

Centre d'information sur l'Europe. Official site.
Just Landed. Guides multilingues sur l'expatriation vers un nombre de pays européens spécifiques. "Déménagement": General advice about chosing a removal company and other things to do when moving.

En français pour les expatriés français Maison des Français de l'Étranger. Official site.

På dansk om Frankrig Den nok mest omfattende liste over firmaer, der har interesse for udlandsdanskere i et stort antal lande. Det er gratis at blive optaget i listen. Du er dermed ikke begrænset til firmaer, der har betalt for at stå der. Omfattende sektion om Frankrig. For danskere omkring Rivieraen. Info & forum. Idylliske skriverier om Frankrig for danskere.

På dansk for udlandsdanskere i almindelighed Den nok mest omfattende liste over firmaer, der har interesse for udlandsdanskere i et stort antal lande. Det er gratis at blive optaget i listen. Du er dermed ikke begrænset til firmaer, der har betalt for at stå der. Danes Worldwide.

In several languages about several countries The European Commission's comprehensive information about how to move to another Member State.

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